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Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog 9. Rex Walls..

I have read this book when i was a freshman back in high school and i found it interesting. Rex Walls might not be one of the best dads but when it comes to his kids, he doesn't abuse them like he was when he was growing up. He manages to keep his children healthy, get them a quality education, and he brings his children great joy by giving them unrealistic presents, such as a star in the sky. Even though he is a smart guy who wants to do whats best for his family, Rex is an alcoholic and he has unrealistic dreams. On page 25 of the book, he talks about how he is going to build this castle made out of glass and they would get their electricity from the sun.


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  2. I had originally graded this .9/1, but you and Abdigani Hassan have exactly the same blog posts. That's disappointing.