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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog 8. Two Biggest issues

One of my biggest issue was turning the paper in time. The main reason why i turned in my paper late was, Because i had some family issues. Two of my little brothers were fighting and i tried to break up the fight and ended up with 12 Staples on my head, so this whole incident made me fall behind.

Another issue was my paper needed organization. For example in paragraph i would repeat the same ideas at different times and i should have focused on one specific thing per paragraph. For example in paragraph two, one time i was talking about the cheetah and the next minute i was talking about something different. So i should have focused on the Cheetah first then focus on other important things.

Another issue was developing my paragraphs. At the end of each paragraph i should have tied in the thesis to my claim. For example in paragraph two towards the end, i should have tied my thesis to my claim and also, i should have made a new paragraph because i was talking a different topic.

Also, in paragraph four towards the end i should have tied the color to my thesis so it could support my claim.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog 7. Naysayer

Naysayers are people or critics who are against your opinion or your ideas and they are right a little bit. and they have evidence to back them up. It's important because it is a "They said" and you want to proof them wrong. For example a naysayers would says a honda car is better than a toyota, because of it's Interior features. I would say a honda car might have more features but it is not the better car even though both cars are almost the same, toyota saves more gas.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog 5. Quotation Sandwich and Hit and Run quotation

Quotation sandwich, the introductory or lead in claims should explain who is speaking and set up what the quotation says, and the follow up statements should explain why you consider the quotation to be important(TS/IS). Hit and run quotation you are basically leaving out the main ideas. Qoutation sandwich is the right way and hit and run is the wrong of quotating. In both quotes, you are introducing it or explaining it why it's worth quoting and you should introduce the Arthur or the source. Also, in both quotes the writer should connect his or her words to what they are writing about.

Blog.4 Custom Made..

The Custom Made article talked about how different countries order theirs pizzas, and how pizza companies change their ingredients to make it more suitable to those people. It also talked about how other countries change their products and goods when they are exporting it. For example when the U.S. imports European cars. The European automakers or the U.S. automakers do a lot of changes to the cars. They change the steering wheel and the speed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog 3. Conversation...

Conversation is the spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings. It could also, mean the communication of two people. I think writing is like a conversation because you are writing down your feelings, and opinions instead of expressing them out through conversation. For example if you don't understand something in a text book or an article you can always ask the teacher and they would explain to you what the author meant.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog 2. Xbox Controller

I bought this particular item because one of my controllers stopped working and i needed a new one. Yes, the brand was important to me. It had to be an Xbox 360 wireless controller. What really convinced me to buy it was the situation we was in. I have 3 brothers and they all wanna play the game, But we only had one controller to share since the other one was not working. plus we couldn't play against each other with only one controller. So, this was something i really needed to buy.

Blog 1. looking at an image and analyzing!!

The relationship between looking at an image and analyzing it, are connected or similar. In both cases you are observing an idea or trying to find out the purpose of it. When you first look at an image you are basically looking at an actual picture then comes the analyzing part. When analyzing an image there are several things you need to look for. Like you need to find out whats the message behind it, you look at the text, color, layouts, size, and the target audience. I would prefer looking at an image than analyzing it, because it's easier.