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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog 12. Events in Wall's life.

I feel sad about the events that are happening in Jeannette Wall's life. No child should go through what she is going through. Towards the beginning of the book, she burns herself while cooking hot dogs. Her mom was busy drawing and she thought Jeannette could handle the cooking. Then there is the careless parents. For example the Dad is an alcoholic, he's addicted to gambling and he wastes most of his time dreaming about unrealistic dreams like building a castle made out of glass, and then there is the mom who is obsessed with her drawing, and she doesn't care about the kids.

Jeannette wishes her life was different. No one wants to live in that poor situation. For example when she found the diamond ring she was so happy because she thought her life was going to change and they were going buy food, pay off the house and if there was some left overs, buy new sneakers for herself but instead the Mom took the Diamond ring and she didn't want to sell. The mom wanted the ring to improve her self esteem( page 186).

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  1. Good points. It's interesting that she could have lived such a hard life, and still she doesn't HATE her parents. She loves them, but thinks they are flawed. She also doesn't seem to feel sorry for herself, even though we feel sorry for her. 1/1