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Monday, May 23, 2011

Blog 14. Tightening wordy

They are concerned with tightening wordy sentence because they want the writers to keep their paragraphs short without repeating their words over and over again. also it makes more sense when you eliminate those wordy sentences. The professors care about minimum pages because they want all their students to do the same length of pages.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog 13. The Glass Castle

The glass castle was so important to Jeannette, because she truly believed in it. She thought once her dad built it, that their lives would change and they would move out of their impoverished home. I think as she grew older, she realized it was just a fantasy dream and it was impossible to build a castle made out of glass. And it also has to do with her dad breaking his promise of building it.
Finally when she wants to leave her parents and go to New York, Her dad comes to her and shows her his plans of building the Glass Castle and how he was going to make her room bigger since Lori was already gone and her room was empty. She tells her dad that he will never build the Glass Castle and if he did, she was already gone. I think the dad is trying to do every thing he can to change her mind and make her stay, but it is too late. I was surprised that her Mom was okay with her decision of going to New York city.
This is important to the book, because the tittle of the book is Glass castle. When i first read the book's tittle i thought the whole book was going to be about building the Glass Castle.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog 12. Events in Wall's life.

I feel sad about the events that are happening in Jeannette Wall's life. No child should go through what she is going through. Towards the beginning of the book, she burns herself while cooking hot dogs. Her mom was busy drawing and she thought Jeannette could handle the cooking. Then there is the careless parents. For example the Dad is an alcoholic, he's addicted to gambling and he wastes most of his time dreaming about unrealistic dreams like building a castle made out of glass, and then there is the mom who is obsessed with her drawing, and she doesn't care about the kids.

Jeannette wishes her life was different. No one wants to live in that poor situation. For example when she found the diamond ring she was so happy because she thought her life was going to change and they were going buy food, pay off the house and if there was some left overs, buy new sneakers for herself but instead the Mom took the Diamond ring and she didn't want to sell. The mom wanted the ring to improve her self esteem( page 186).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blog 11. Jeannette's father.

I don't think Rex has ever let her down. Her dad is her hero even though she knows her dads bad habits like gambling and being an alcoholic. Forexample in the part where he takes her out of the hospital, he lies about saving her from the hospital which is not true because he didn't have enough money to pay her medical pills. Shes like every other normal kid, your are going to see your parents as your heros regardless of what they are doing.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog 10. Timing myself

I thought this experiment was kind of fun. It took me about 7 minutes and 21 seconds to read all the three pages. Before i started this experiment i read the three pages twice to prepare me for my final experiment. So, basically this experiment reveals that am not as fast as i thought and i should read more books to improve my reading skills. I found this chapter short and funny. For example the part where whole family is trying to kill the rat and finally the dog kills.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog 9. Rex Walls..

I have read this book when i was a freshman back in high school and i found it interesting. Rex Walls might not be one of the best dads but when it comes to his kids, he doesn't abuse them like he was when he was growing up. He manages to keep his children healthy, get them a quality education, and he brings his children great joy by giving them unrealistic presents, such as a star in the sky. Even though he is a smart guy who wants to do whats best for his family, Rex is an alcoholic and he has unrealistic dreams. On page 25 of the book, he talks about how he is going to build this castle made out of glass and they would get their electricity from the sun.